Comfort and Joy

This week was one of the darkest in our nation’s history. We were forced to confront evil we’d rather not believe was possible and witness suffering that is unfathomable and truly unbearable. It is also literally the darkest week of the year, with the shortest days and the least sun. It’s all too easy to fall into despair, to be overwhelmed by grief, overcome by the thought that we’re just entering now into the coldest months of the year. But there is a reason that this is the season of Christmas, of lights, of singing and family, and joy. Because it is the season of hope. When it appears that the darkness has won, when there’s just no further we can do down, it is the exact moment when it begins to get a bit better, day by day. Without us noticing, without any effort from our spent spirits, incremental change is happening, bringing us back to lightness, to warmth, to life.

These are the thoughts that bring me comfort. That when we are farthest from the light, we are already on our way back. That the promise of Spring will always, always be there. Some may find hope in nature, others in their faith, others in the resilience of the human spirit. For me, it is a mixture of all three. Sometimes as an adult we’re faced with very hard questions that shake us to the core, but that help us figure out what we believe, where we find strength, and what gives us solace and meaning. I hope all of you can find your source of hope this week and share it with our community to uplift us all during this difficult time.

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